Package Tour

Tour Itinerary “For the adventurous”

There are out going to unique and different villages with us, who will act as your hosts, guides and friends in tracking, Hiking and boat trips. There are well over hundreds of villages, surrounded by rivers and mountains. Naturally, have all the perfect features. For a great visit to be experience.

“Discovery Mrauk U Trip”


Day (1) : Welcome to Sittway airport and transfer to Jetty. Sittway to Mrauk U by charter boat special breath taking trip and with the view of sunset. Overnight at Prince Hotel in Mrauk U. (Lunch on board optional)

Morning start for the trip to Lay Mro River Sightseeing. It start with a car from hotel to the river where is the boat to make a upstream drive and river view scenery ,it can be a village at river bank. It may be with colorful paddy fields on the way .Sightseeing with the clear water of lay Mro River, Village are hidden under the trees of Lemon, Mango, Lychee, etc., farms of corn, Peanut, Crops, water melon are on the alluvial soil of the river bank. Banana plants and bamboo are squatted on the mountains and boat trip to Kritchaung, watch sunrise and breakfast on the boat is exciting. Visit to a Tattooed woman house and study how she is busying to get a basket of rice from paddy. To Sin Gay village one can experience the meandering river like a snake, 90 degree vertical up right standing mountains, flying birds, crystal clear water with pebble and fishes. Sin Gay is bamboo-pounding site. Lunch in a bamboo house. Back to Mrauk U. The return trip is faster as the water is flowing down stream to Mrauk U. The sunset view from river near. Sin Oh. Overnight at Prince Hotel in Mrauk U.

Day(3) :  To Visali by jeep car Visali Image and Visalia Village, one can study the rice noodle producing as Rakhine tradition. Continue to Maha Muni and colorful paddy fields on the way. Back to Hotel or Restaurant and lunch.

Mrauk U Sightseeing. After breakfast, visit Koethaung Temple, Shittaung Temple, Duken Thein Temple, Andaw Thein Temple, Lay Myatnhar Pagoda, Pitaket Teik Libarary, Museum and old Palace site. After the Lunch, check out of Hotel and transfer to Jetty. Overnight at Prince Hotel in Sittwe.

Day(5) : Morning sightseeing: After breakfast; U Ray Kyaw Thu Monastery, Pyi Lon Chantha Image, Maha Kuthala monastery, Sun rise of View Point Beach. Transfer to airport by departure.


Visiting to the Chin village and the trip along the lemro river is becoming a must do event in Mrauk U. One day trip is a day return trip and two days is an overnight trip. It is a really full and whole day trip arranged to explore by Prince Hotel management takes care to fulfill customer satisfaction.

What is the different with the others services and the Prince Hotels services?
The Prince Service always carefully arranges to give the best and fulfilled satisfying of customer enjoyment. So, no one will be said it’s a too long day, It ‘s always recommended as really not enough in a day after experience, as So you will not be having inconvenience to get up early for advantage of times at villages. After breakfast we start from the hotel by a horse cart or a jeep car. In the morning you can see misty scenery of paddy field where one the side of the road to the jetty. The house cart or jeep will stop at the river bank, where is the place that we called the Jetty.

What is the Lemro meaning?
As soon as arriving to the stop of the village at the river, one can see the scenery of amazing lemro rivers, the name of the river means Four Cities River, there were four capital Cities situated along the river in the different time of existence in the Lemro period Kingdoms era, it was earlier than Mrauk U Kingdoms.


This Itinerary is changed to be different from here depending on one day or two days trips. All the trips have to ask the permission according to the local authority. For two days trip is more likely difficult as conditions there can be change for the permit.

Start again by the boat from the Jetty, drive along the river, firstly visit a village is named Pam Mraud can see a Market, for 3 days a week are market days. One can actually visit the market in everyday of every morning, for especially market days are busier with more villagers from around the neighbor’s villages. The driving for the whole distance would take for about 3hrs, do not worry for that amount of time would take on the way before arriving Chin villages with the so enjoyed quite a beautiful amazing river all there long.

Do you know the Prince Service is a supper?
Visiting to Chin Village is usually taken two or three villages have to be visited and finding out some little difference among these tribal villages. You will never be the same, even you will make two times of same trip. Have no worry for some other tourist at the same time while you visited to a village not to be together there that’s we always carefully managed.

Even in the same route but we think about of more enjoyable.
On the way back is the same river but you will have different experience be sent to majority Rakhine tradition villages is fantastic.

They call you Ungalake is as English in Rakhine words for every European.
Village children are usually welcome you as following you behind is expressing that they love you to see and there are not many tourist. They said Ungalake coming! For every foreigners.

All the way back in sunset time you will see peoples including, children ,women, and even doggy, even piggy coming to river for washing and bath, that is the way of life style, they sing songs,  same to be quite happy, O K! See these people and of their life in your mind can feeling will calm down not to be rushing as citizen ever do. They said Ungalake are in hurry or something more always.

We are sure now, why you choice our service.
If you can experience the sunset of the in the river will be the best event. That is very valuable memories that can be take home. You will arrive to your homey room at the time about street lights are lightening. Full day! Fulfill day will be explored.


Start by boat form village Jetty that we so called the river bank where boat ever stop , your boat will be a bit more smaller as than the boat that ever used for one day return trip. Because, we are going to take to more up streaming river passing some what ram pass, where waters so shallow and the flow stronger as much as some time you have to get out from the boat and push the boat, that also fantastic of the trip. If we mistily taken bigger boat, your trip can be stuck on some where is too shallow for it there is before finished the last point.

We are visiting the first village market at Pam Mraund village. May be a good idea is to find and buying some food for the dinner. After the market visiting to a vegetation farm is possible for a short time, some time as experienced early morning, the wind is making freezing cold. So will let there get sunshine and enjoying in the garden for a few minutes is a memorable.

To where is the lunch.
After that we can visit to a village of that one day trip people usually visiting. We would have our lunch at this stop of the village by the river bank. There are some bamboo hut as a shop of the goods, selling to the people who have business with bamboo cutting and making or forming bamboo and timber raft. You will see many of bamboo rafts floating and going to transport to where is the market.

The trip for today will take longer than it’s taken for one day trip as driving as 5 hrs long. The boat will stop at last of the day trip before sun disappears.

To where is the dinner.
After arriving to that village, your guide and boat men have to start working for dinner collecting firewood, make a fire at beach of the river. At the moment, you can love a walking along the river, see birds and listen to them. Cooking will take about 1 1/2 hrs and have the dinner at the beach. Make table and seats with stone from the beach. After very memorable dinner, going to the in side of the village and stayed at arranged in a villager’s house. Over night will be done hearing all the habitual sounds of the village but good sleep can be done on a bed, we taken together.

Breakfast! Breakfast also usually at the beach; get up earlier than ever for bush toilet outside of the village before others. Breakfast is always completed at the beach with only a fire. Some bread for toast, boiling water for coffee.

Don’t cry as we know you love it and we love it.
After breakfast we start again to a very special river, a smaller river, this part of Itinerary is the high light of the trip. Morning time before there is sun arise misty scenery in tranquil silence and every thing is fresh you will be there search a most lovely place in the world. We are going to visit to a very informal village from we visited lunch also arranged at the river will have there, after the visiting the last village. Always although feeling still like to stay a little bit more, but is having to back the entire trip a long way to our community. How to get there and Making your own track to Mrauk U?

How to get there and Making your own track to Mrauk U?
In this section we are explaining about the path possible by local and simple transport. The main door to Araken is from Taungup Township. Taungup is connected by the road (90miles) pass over on the Mountain range of Rakhine Roma to Pyay in the main land Myanmar. Another road from The Ayawady division, Pathein is the capital city is assessable to Taungup, this road is connected from southern Rakhine state, Gwa township where is the Kantharyar beach and Thandwe township, famous Ngapali beach can be visit.

For accommodation in Taungup, The Royal Guest House is one of available for foreigner tourist and there are still some other guest hoses.
For some information about Taungup is situated at the bottom of the Mountain range close to mountain and attached with the large delta area covered by mangrove forest where many creeks and rivers forming a large wet land resources. Many people have business on fisheries, where prawn farms are produce prawns for exportation. And this is starting point to export by using road the product of Araken to different areas in Myanmar.

This is some information of this track to Sittway and Mrauk U from Taungup.
Main transportation relying by public is water transport. Many cargoes carry by trucks stop at Taunngup and change to be shipping at the jetty of Taungup. There are many directions from Taungup heading to different areas of Rakhine state by water transport and Sittway is the most far and longest way to travel by boats. The only fast speed boat service and of the available is the Malikha express, taking 8 hrs to Sittway. The routes include starting from Taungup and Ramree Township, Kyauk Phu Township, Myay Bon Township and arrive to Sittway.

This is some information for the island and the small city Kyauk Phu. It is stop at the mid way in the distance and at the island, very nice place for new tourist site, for the lunch about 1hr is called Kyauk Phu Township. We are welcome the inquiry for more information about Kyauk Phu. < The more about Kyauk Phu.>

The I.W.T (Inland water transport) information is potential for peoples who finding the most basic way. There are about 5 days a week available i.w.t boat running start from Sittway and stop on the way at some different stops before to arrive to Taungup and back to Sittway for one cycle round trip of 5 times a week is their schedule. As their schedule basically, they have days are said that start from Sittway and take the time differently on the way differently stop changed depending on it’s kind of type, and type of boat, so they are not said that the exact day to start back to Sittway from Taungup these information always need to up date or to find actually is only possible if you are in Taungup. It’s a bit complicated to explaining all in a single time because boat drive on the river of where the current and the tide alternated and accordingly changed to moon calendar. There are different type of boats one Decker or two Decker, good or less quality. The trip is a quite long trip that has to cross two of bays and the large delta inside the numerous creeks. So you have to expected to explore this kind of trip is that you can get what you never know that we are not able to mentioning in this short information, for sure is you can be at that off beaten track and as basic as local doing. Some time boat stuck on low tide river when it’s still in the small creek take time some hours till the current comes back. However, you do not worry about this kind of problem because they usually take care to them self, captain and all of crew knows the knowledge of tide and to manage not going run out fuel or waste. The boats are mostly double Decker and there are cabins available with beds, local restaurant on board all services are quite fair if you are patient enough. One Decker type have no cabin and can be crowded as not enough room for peoples and cargoes some time it can be happen for double Decker even. Roughly the boats take two days overnight on the way from Sittway to Taungup and alternatively same on the way back to Sittway. Kyauk Phu is the second stop after Ramree. In many trips boat stops at night at Kyauk

Phu Jetty and people can stay at guest house and they start next day morning to continue the journey to next stop.

However, and this is some more about Kyauk Phu, if you desire we will like to recommend to stay at the island the boat can reach in the same day to Kyauk Phu and it’s very comfortable to relax there for a couple of days after a day of time on board is going to boring for next day and to overnight on the boat is not enough facilities. There are some guest houses and the small city look very nice, clean and fresh air blow from the sea, there are nice white sand beach untouched since centuries. Please contact us before you decide to go to the island. We are interesting to give you services as we can guide you on the boat trip basically starting from Ngapali beach to carry out to get to Mrauk U as guide services if we get enough time to arrange a guide will waiting you from Ngapali beach after booking in advance.

Next stop is Myay bon and it can be for the another night will stop over there, but some time the boat reached there earlier time about 3 pm and they stop for only one hour or take only the time needed for cargoes loading and reloading if so they will not stop at night there and you have to sleep on the boat for that night. If the boat stop overnight there, you can overnight at a guest hose in Myay Bone and there are some newly opened nicely. Myay Bon is a small township situated at the mouth of Ra Maung River also known as Lemro River opens to the Hunter bay. Lemro river is well-known for up streaming to chin villages area, tours usually arrange from Mrauk U. the Lemro river is called Ra Maung river when it’s arrive to it’s month to bay. So the river is actually connected to assessable to go to Mrauk U but there are no transportation services as it’s as long as 60 miles to reaches up to Mrauk U from Myay Bon. But there is one connection from Myay Bon to Min Bya by public local boat transportation; one can find that is if you ask information at Myay Bon Jetty, boat to go to Min Bya, they usually waiting for customers at the jetty when the i.w.t boat arrived.

The boat drive only 3 hours to Min Bya and the next to Mrauk U is only 20 miles so a local bus takes only 1 hr. Many local peoples do this option until to Mrauk U, if you are lucky and arrive to Myay Bon at 2 pm catch the boat to Min Bya will arrive there 5 pm buses run until 7pm as last one if you are more peoples you can share to hire a taxi bus. If you are too late in Min Bya you can stay at a local guest house.

The i.w.t boat will continue towards to Sittway if the boat is not over night stop in Myay Bon ,it will stop some where to sleep still there is one stop before Sittway is called Pauk Taw township will be in the next day, from where Sittway is not very far take about 2and half hours. This route is already along time explored by some back packers still not much information is available , we are love to share your experience to us so we are appreciate if you can.